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Behavioral Coaching

Let's improve disruptive behavior together in a way that works best for your child and family. Parent/Child Coaching and Parent Coaching available.  

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Empowering teachers and camp staff with new tips and tools to be the best they can be with each and every child.

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Behavioral Coaching

Does your child struggle with age expected tasks, have difficulty socially, trouble focusing, managing school or with sibling relations? Is your family struggling because one of the siblings seems to take all of the parenting energy?  Franki is a dynamic and creative coach—skilled in “problem solving” and out-of-the-box solutions. She will work with your child and family to set up new structures, systems and strategies in and out of your home that will empower your child to take responsibility for his or her own behavior. Together we will set behavior goals and Franki will create a custom curriculum to help your child aquire the needed skills to work on his/her own behavior. 


Professional Development for Schools 


Franki’s training workshops are known for their fun, yet educational content!  Laughing while learning is important as you wade through tough topics, such as:

- How To Implement Now: Easy ways to
Accommodate Students with Diverse Ability Levels and Learning Styles
- Be a Behavior Detective- What are the students in your classroom with challenging behaviors trying to communicate?
- Inclusion 101
- Using Visuals in the Classroom to Help Those with Extra Needs Succeed!
- Age expected vs Age appropriate

In addition, Franki can create a customized training to meet the individual needs of your staff.

School Consulting:

Behavioral observation and planning for students with challenging and disruptive behaviors.

Observation and planning for students who are struggling meeting academic goals.

Camp Consulting


Franki is an expert in strategic oversight of camper care including emotional, behavioral and mental health across all camper programs.

Under Franki's leadership, Tamarack’s inclusion program participation grew by more than 150% over five years and the new camper number hit a five year high during a demographic low for the area.

When working with Franki you can expect to:

  • Perfect the daily management and continuous training of your staff and professional team

  • Refine intake procedures

  • Learn how to read between the lines on camp forms

  • Perfect the parent/camp relationship

  • Keep seasonal leadership staff in the loop and engaged off season

  • Perfect the art of the parent meeting

  • How to share information with stake holders during pre-camp


Pre- Camp Training:

- Be a Behavior Detective- What are the campers in your bunk with challenging behaviors trying to communicate?

- Inclusion 101- Understanding and celebrating common special needs in a camp setting

-Holistic Inclusion- How to we assure that each and every camper in our cabins are feeling includeded!