Writing Woes

Updated: Jan 14

Holy Cr-- my kid has writing homework! Can someone please cue the Jaws theme song?

When schools went virtual for the first time (I can't believe that I have to distinguish that), any time my son had to write anything it came with a side of tears. This is Mr. 9, Mr. Happy Go Lucky, Mr. Chill 3rd Child! When he has a meltdown, I find my mind goes completely blank. Even though I teach, speak and write about meltdowns for a living, I have no clue what to do! This is because this kid is so zen that he barely has them. Therefore I don't have a tool box in my memory full of strategies that work the way I do with the other two. Instead, I start to sweat and swear in my head (at least I think it's always in my head...). Somewhere in the third week of the pandemic I decided to approach this the way I would if it happened in the classroom or if a parent in therapy asked me for advice for their child. As I created a new plan for him, I was reminded of how complex the skill of writing can be. There are mountains of skills needed to be able to write a sentence, let alone a paragraph or a whole story.

In my 1:1 Reading Instruction sessions with clients, writing is often a place where kids easily shut down and it's up to me to be the behavior detective and listen to their feedback so we can approach things differently in the future. See more about this service here: https://www.faabconsulting.com/service-page/individual-reading-instruction-k-7?referral=service_list_widget

This October I was filled with pride when my book, I Love My Kids But I Don't Always Like Them, (https://www.faabconsulting.com/book) was officially published by MSI PRESS. I see this book as a road map to understanding challenging kids. Aren't they all challenging at some point? I've been blown away by the positive reviews and feedback I have received from readers. I've also had social media followers reach out to me with tons of additional specific concerns they'd like more guidance on. Homework struggles came up a ton! This is how the FAABulous Shop was born.

The FAABulous Shop includes Parent Guidebooks on specific topics, available for instant download. In honor of Mr. Happy, Writing Woes is the first product! Why are these guidebooks so important to me? Because, even though they should, kids don't come with instruction manuals!

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For more of Franki's writing and "parenting advice you actually want!" Check out her book, I Love my Kid's But I Don't Always Like Them.