What Kind of Mom Are You?

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Have you been following the mommy wars? People have opinions on everything!! Well today it occurred to me that my mommying career is quite unusual. I have had the privilege to be every type of mom. No I don't mean, "cranky mom," "crafty mom," "organic mom," though I definitely tried on many hats in my early mommying career. I mean when it comes to work and work life balance, I have tried them all!

Stay at Home Mom:

I was very privileged when our oldest was born to only work a few hours a week to one day, straight on through until we had two little ones. I spent four years or so trying out mom and me classes, lunching at the park, and spending time with incredible friends who were also moms as we raised our children more like cousins than family friends. Though sometimes I found myself obsessing over nap schedules, how to feed my kids solids, and other things because I think my brain missed the analyzing and problem solving that is a big part of my field. I had a wonderful connection with my kids and life was good.

Work Part Time Mom:

For about four years I worked 10-20 hours in various non profits and educational consulting settings. I was always home with the kids 2-3 days a week. This balance was nice, I had a little bit of both worlds. However, sometimes I'd wake up and not remember where I was supposed to be and it was hard to build a consistent routine with my kids. Finding quality part time child care can be a nightmare within itself, though I was extremely lucky to have a wonderful and accommodating day care that we revisited every time a nanny "broke up with me" over text. It was definitely a good choice for the commitment-phobic mom I was at the time. I had a wonderful connection with my kids and life was good.