Top Ten Parenting Through a Pandemic Tips

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Top Ten Parenting Through a Pandemic Tips

1. Say yes more! Make this time novel instead of just frustrating and worrisome. More screens, more whipped cream, more mommy making fun of herself while you teach her your dance routine… Hell, yeah I’ll be in your tik tok!!

2. Don’t create issues that aren’t there! Remember the saying “never wake a sleeping baby?” Well, same with older kids. Are they giggling and happily playing video games? Do not, I repeat, do not start counting screen time! Are they happy? Yes? Leave them.

3. Be realistic. Siblings that tend to fight aren’t going to suddenly be best friends. They will be themselves right now, maybe even 100% more dramatically. However, you can facilitate more positive interactions by doing an activity with them: family game night, family movie night, take a bike ride, make cookies… Or you can ignore them, this is normal!

4. Self care- I know, I see you rolling your eyes. This can be five minutes. Does a shower make you feel refreshed? Take one. Does being outside energize you? Walk every day, it’s good for the kids, too! Does fancy cheese make you feel indulgent? Get some in your next grocery order! This is my favorite: They ship and deliver locally (ok, my baby brother is co-owner, but I promise you will not be disappointed!).

If you are struggling with your mental health, teletherapy either through video chat or on the phone is a grea