Ten Ways to Stay Connected to Your Teens and Tweens

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

As you may have seen on my social media posts my oldest turned 13 last week. I am now officially a mom of a teen and tween. Though middle school and early high school have always been a favorite age for me professionally I’m now deep in the trenches as a mom and it’s not always sunshine and roses around here! I’ve found myself wondering at 5:00 if my teen was even home, since she tends to sort of hide out in her room. 😊 I’m realizing that staying connected to her will be a challenge and something as a mom I have to be actively committed to. Here is what has worked for us in our home and throughout my years connecting to this age group at camp and school.

1. Build or strengthen your relationship by understanding their passions. What is your teen or tween into? Sports? Music? Dance? Do your research and get in the know! I once had a camper who was all about hockey. Did I care about hockey? Nope! Did I know anything about hockey? Nope! I did my research and I let her teach me. Showing that I cared about what she cared about was vital in building our relationship. Find a sporting event to go to together, enjoy music, watch “So You Think You Can Dance” together… I’m listening to a lot of music with my teen currently that in my mind doesn’t even qualify as music but if it gets us talking, it’s worth it.

2. Figure out what their “love language” is! For my teen she is really motivated by her sweet tooth. So for her birthday we invited a small group over and made candy sushi (directions on my Instagram account @insta.faab!) Not only did this thrill her and her buddies, but we spent days researching, planning and shopping together for this project.

3. Build your own- anything! I find that build your own pizza, our New Year’s chocolate “bar” and the like are novel and interesting enough to get her out of the room and join in the fun. Bonus: these activities work for multiple age levels and are great to