Pondering a Pandemic

When I carefully planned out my blog for 2020 I didn't save a slot for a pandemic. I didn't save a spot for social distancing and quarantine parenting advice. I didn't save a spot for advice on how to teach your children at home and prevent the Covid-19 slide. I didn't save a spot for how to keep your children mentally healthy while there is a Shelter In Place. I didn't save a spot for how to parent during a pandemic when you have an anxiety disorder and didn't save a spot for how to parent your child who has disabilities and mental illness when all of your routine has been shattered.

Though here we are. We're home, indefinitely. Many of us trying to juggle work and child care together, and many of us have already lost our jobs.

They say that you really see the true character of people when life is at its worst. I've seen that many times this past six months. Once when I was laid off from a job. With no prompting my whole community found me on the phone, on text, on facebook, Instagram, linkedin, email, the grocery store, through my mom, through a friend, through a sibling to tell me that my work had been meaningful to them, that I had made a true difference and would be missed.

A month into my job search, I decided to dive head first into starting a small business and I launched FAAB. Once again I was held up by the community I grew up in. The coffee was flowing and everyone wanted to help.

Five months after its launch I was on track to have a strong month. I had 10 workshops planned and selling, I was working with amazing families, I was adding schools to my consulting list daily. Covid-19 came in, uninvited, and the world as we all knew it halted to a stop.

I've sat back and watched the past 10 days unfold. I've tried to take every day an hour at a time, I've tried not to wonder who would get sick? Who would recover easily? When would my kids be able to go back to school? When could I relaunch my company?

I've watched my small business mentors provide free yoga, free dance, free art, free music, free connection and free distraction. I jumped on facebook and instagram live and talked with parents to share my ideas, not professing to be an expert on pandemic parenting because that doesn't exist. However I'm certainly a person who knows that behavior is communication and my kids would carefully be observing mine and me theirs.

I've wondered if this could have been more contained. I've been angry. I thought about my beliefs. I've always had trouble with God, but definitely believe in a force bigger than myself. I believe that things happen for a reason. I've seen posit