Planning for Home Learning- Beyond the Wine and Chocolate

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Last week I was a mess. I had a migraine that wouldn’t go away, I couldn’t stop reading social media posts and horror story articles about school. I was spending my whole day everyday worried about my school decision for my kids and any leftover energy wondering if I had Covid since I had a persistent headache and stomachache. Well, it turns out that stress symptoms can mimic the growing list of what may present as early Covid. The good news is I’m healthy, the bad news is my stress isn’t going anywhere. I decided I needed to take some control, whatever control I could in this ever-changing unpredictable nightmare we are all living in. Here is how I changed the narrative -- in my head.

1. Acceptance: I accepted that my children’s school would likely drop their face-to-face option like the surrounding districts and even if they didn’t I wouldn’t feel comfortable sending my kids with the information I have right this minute. So no more decision making stress.

2. I challenged myself to answer: “How can I make this feel somewhat positive?” I’m going to be straight with you, this is not what I want. I have not ever dreamed of homeschooling my kids. I like being a working mom. However, I knew I could find the positives if I looked hard enough! I love surprising my kids. I used to be an elementary and middle school classroom teacher and decorating the classroom in the beginning of the year was the best! It created an awesome energy, a new beginning with endless possibilities. So, I’ve been focusing on that. I talked with my kids about the best place to build their learning areas (we did not do this last spring, because we were crisis schooling, so we mainly used the kitchen table and beanbags strewn about.) Then I thought about themes!!! I went to Amazon and ordered a pennant, rug, decorations and some fun Tigers Baseball things for my 8-year-old. You can see my finds here: