Letting the World Revolve Around one Child -- When You Have Three

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Letting the World Revolve Around one Child -- When You Have Three

How I planned the bat mitzvah weekend of my oldest daughter’s dreams, while accommodating the needs of her siblings.

Three years ago I picked the date for my eldest’s bat mitzvah. In the Jewish tradition when a girl is 12 or 13 and a boy is 13 they study to read from the Torah (the five books of Moses) in front of family and friends and mark the beginning of their Jewish adulthood. It is a year of very hard work learning the special notes to chant the Torah, practicing reading in Hebrew, writing and delivering a speech in front of 100-300 guests! Quite a lot for a pre-teen to take on! In the grand American Tradition -- of go big or go home -- it is typically followed by a big celebration.

We started discussing the plans with Ruby three years ago. Ruby always being wise beyond her years, decided that while a big, fancy shmancy party sounded amazing, she liked the idea of a long trip to Israel where she could walk on the ancient streets and see the history she’s been studying for 12 years come alive and a casual roller skating brunch to celebrate with her nearest and dearest.

Sometimes being the oldest is hard. I say this as the oldest of my brood of unruly smelly brothers, three of them! I remember growing up and whenever my