Going to Sleepaway Camp for the First Time? Practice these 10 Independent Skills Now!

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Ten Independent Skills you Should Coach Your Child On Before they go to Sleepaway Camp!

1. Self care- Haven’t watched your child brush their teeth in a while (that’s ok, I’m guilty of sending my little ones up to brush their teeth and just crossing my fingers that they do it) take a look over the next few months and give them some reminders on closing the toothpaste after, rinsing out the toothbrush, practice using the case or cover you will be sending to camp. Get in the habit of using deodorant every day if they are starting to stink! There is no age for this, some lucky kids get through their tween years and their sweat just doesn’t smell, others start to get stinky at 8!

2. Shower skills- Switch to shampoo bottles they can navigate independently-pump style, or ones that are easy to squeeze. Start out by squeezing in their hands and watch them wash their hair-guide them through it. Eventually getting to the point where you can give verbal cues and they are doing it independently.

3. Picking out their own clothes- Parents have to let go with this one! Let your kids pick out their own clothes!!! Daily!! Of course there are special occasions where they need to wear something nice, but most days this should be their job so they don’t show up at camp waiting for someone to lay out an outfit-not going to happen… Pay attention to which clothes they actually wear, and only pack those varieties. Sorry if they aren’t the cutest ones, but they may be the comfiest or just the easiest to get on and that’s ok!

4. Hair care-Girls and boys with long hair need to practice daily brushing and easy ponytails. No it doesn’t have to be Instagram perfect, just work on getting the tangles out so they don’t come home with matted hair. Experiment with brushes that make this the easiest. Detangling spray is fine, but nothing too smelly-bugs love perfume! We like the wet brush- https://amzn.to/31p6wUA

5. Practice writing a letter or two and show them how to utilize the stationary you will pre-address, yes-just-do-it! Kids these days don’t write a lot of letters, aside from some thank you note