Calming Cards-Why You Need These in Your Life

Updated: Mar 3

You know what really drives the parents of my child and teen patients absolutely crazy? When their kids spend all of dinner talking excitedly about all the great anxiety strategies, calming tools, grounding tricks that they learned in therapy and then they meltdown an hour later and don’t use any of them!!! I’ll let you in on a little secret. It drives me a bit nuts, too, as a therapist, a teacher and a parent. Remember all the millions of times I reminded you all (if you read my blog and follow along with me on social media) that we can’t really carry on a conversation and reason with anyone mid-meltdown or tantrum? Yep, it’s 100% true, it will not be effective. Therefore trying to remind them of these strategies in a “verbal way” won’t be too effective either. This is the problem my new product is going to solve!

I’ve been experimenting with this technique with my clients for a while and it’s sort of magical. My first set of calming cards (oh yeah — there are many sets coming) include my favorite go-to strategies for a child/teen or adult to get back to a place of calm. Perfect for those who have anxiety, worry, stress or get easily over-stimulated. If your child escalates quickly and, before you know it, they are in full blown panic, meltdown or tantrum (and they are old enough to read—hmmm—visual calming cards coming soon) you can simply hand them this card or ask them to go get it in their “calm spot” which could be in their room and have a stash there.

You can also stash these cards in a lunch box, pencil case, pocket, purse, wallet, backpack. Stick it to the fridge, on a bulletin board, tape to a desk… the ideas are endless.

There are two versions.

One is a business card size, and you can instantly download these and print on those perforated business card sheets in your printer or take them to your local copy place. If you have a laminator available laminate the page and cut! Another idea would be to print on thick card stock.

The next is a post card size. Here is an awesome, blow your mind hack! Send that instant download right to your favorite photo print app or site and print as 4x6 photos. It gives it a laminated type feel so it will last longer. This is what I have done with my own kids and clients.

Each set has the same calming tips with ten different backgrounds. The backgrounds themselves are appealing and soothing, so it may be fun to mix it up or your child (or you yourself) may develop a clear preference. There is no wrong way to use them.

You may notice that there are no breathing exercises on these cards. This is intentional. I happen to have a group of clients right now that are turned off by breathing exercises and feel they don’t work. I am, however, going to create an additional set all around breathing techniques. I for one find them helpful personally but I didn’t when I was younger.

Purchase my calming cards today! Check out the visual version, geared for those who are sensory sensitive.

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