Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month

Updated: Apr 18

In honor of this special month, I want to share some favorite Autistic Voices and Authors/Authors with Autism, with you and some on my "to read" list! Do you have a favorite Autistic Author or social media voice? Let me know!

Some of my favorite books:

I rounded up some of my all-time favorite Autistic Authors, Temple Grandin, Stephen Shore, and Jennifer Cook, and added more from my "to-read" pile! Take a look here:

When I sought out resources to share for those who wanted to celebrate and educate this month in their classrooms, homes, and therapy practices I just couldn't find what I was after. So I created a bundle of them, that celebrate neruodiversity as uniqueness. Sure neurodiversity can come with challenges but it can also (and has) changed the world for the better. You'll find a list of pop culture icons and changemakers here who are autistic!

** You may have noticed that I used both person-first language and identity first, I did so because I don't want to ever assume I know best for someone else. There has been a lot of talk lately in the Autistic community about person-first vs. identity first. Not sure what someone prefers? I find it's best to ask! Autism Parenting Magazine featured a great article about this, this month as well as one of my pieces, "Why behavior charts don't always work!"

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