11 Questions to ask Overnight Camps when Shopping for the Perfect fit!

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Overnight camp is wonderful! Kids come home with the perfect dose of vitamin D, new independent and social skills, new friends, new hobbies and new confidence. At least that’s what the hope is! How do you know which camp is right for your child when there are so many amazing options. In our global society, kids don’t need to stay in their home state anymore or even their country! How do you know which one is best for your family? How do you know which one is best for each child? In my household my three kids are going to camps in three different states and/or provinces in two different countries (yes, Canada counts!) Do your research! A not so ideal experience is hard to turn around from and your kid may not want to go back to overnight camp afterwards. Be an educated consumer! Here are my top eleven (I’m an overachiever) questions I ask camps as a parent and former camp professional!

Disclaimer: When I talk about camp! I get so happy!!! that I use too many!!! My editor, a.k.a. husband, said I should remove some but I’m standing strong with this stylistic choice!-Franki

1. How big is your camp? This is an important question and will help determine the right fit for your kid. Some children want a large camp with a ton of physical space to explore, a large variety of programming and lots of peers! Often times bigger camps can have bigger resources and may be the ones that have established inclusion or support programs, on site medical staff and a strong group of camp professionals. However big camps have tons of needs to manage so again questions are key, see #2. Other kids love a small camp like the one I grew up at where you can stand at the flagpole and pretty much see the whole thing! They crave that tight knit community feel, where everyone knows each other regardless of their age.